It is a suggestion that the client refrains from wearing perfume, aftershave or any strong chemicals before the session. This can affect the energy field and detract from the benefits. Also, the client will be asked to remove any watches etc, that contains batteries and turn off their mobile devices to reduce any interference to the energy field.

As a pre-requisite to attending an EP session the client will be asked to reduce their consumption of caffeine and asked to drink a couple of glasses of water. This can assist the elimination of toxins present in the client and to assist the EP session.

Prior to the EP session commencing, I will discuss the methods of Energy Psychology and included in this will be the various applications being used. For example, The use of wrist kinesiology to detect in an accurate manner the clients presenting area for development and to continue to monitor the clients energetic field as resistance to healing may arise.

Wrist kinesiology is applied throughout the session , woven throughout the use of EFT/ Tapping, Chakra work and discussion.

It is not uncommon for one and a half to two litres of water to be consumed in a session between the client and myself, this assists the elimination of toxins and assists the progression of the session. Of course, comfort breaks are inbuilt into the session.

Prior to the session starting, there is time available to discuss the reasons for the client attending EP.

This introduction prior to the commencement of the EP session can last 20 minutes . The duration of the session is typically One hour and twenty minutes. Presently priced at £35.


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