The archetype of our shadow consists of our sex and life instincts. Our shadow is part of our unconscious mind and contains our repressed ideas, desires, weaknesses, instincts and shortcomings.

The development of our shadow arises from our attempts to “fit in” with our cultural expectations.

Within our shadow are contained all of our things that are not only unacceptable to our society, but also to our personal collection of morals and values. For example, our aggression, envy, greed, hate and prejudice.

Our shadow archetype can be described as the dark aspect of our psyche, which represents chaos, the unknown and wildness. People sometimes deny this area of themselves and project it onto other people. This action can deny them the real opportunity to know themselves more fully.

Carl Jung suggested that our shadow can become visible in our visions or dreams and it can come into sight in various forms. It may appear as a demon, dragon, monster, snake, or as some other exotic or wild figure.

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